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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 3, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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we have a dance party here we will saying it is monday. >> yes. >> he is working it. >> malcolm is in the house. >> do you take requests, malcolm. >> oh, yeah, sure, he is on it. good day, it is monday, november the third 2013. >> good morning. >> you know alex. >> in. >> alex holley. >> i'm alex. >> wear those headphones over there. >> yes. >> they are looking good. >> but he doesn't have them on his ears, he wears them on his head. >> style purposes. >> why don't they put them on his ears. >> yes. >> now, nice article on you, bob in the daily news. >> okay. >> yes, do you see that right here. >> very nice. >> okay. >> i didn't even read that. >> they need to put your picture in. q is in the in metro. he is in there with his picture though.
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shave the date. >> cute. >> so a lot of people are growing mustaches, mens health awareness. we don't go to the doctor enough. we don't take care of ourselves. >> you got shaved was it on thursday or friday. >> thursday night i got shaved by a beautiful young woman by a spat at the rittenhouse how tell. >> how did you like that. >> i forgot her name. >> there she is. >> wow, front page. >> yes, check her out. >> cutie. >> she could shave me any day of the week. >> is that what it takes to you shave. >> oh, yeah. but it always scares me a little bit. ben mckenzie is an actor on the show today. i know you know him from gotham, right. but he was also in the oc. that was great. >> we are taking him on a trip down memory lane. he does a halloween costume. we will talk about that too. plus. >> halloween has come and gone but candy is piled up in your cabinets but what can do you
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with all that left over chocolate? you can make deserts. the the three dishes we are just drooling over this morning. >> it is not just check late, folks, you can use candy corn too one of my favorites. >> i love candy corn. >> you've got to love the little mermaid. you cap be part of the mermaid world over at the adventure aquarium in camden. they will have live performers i think inside the tank. acting like mermaids. there is stingrays. >> that is going to be cool. >> do you know, i have a granddaughter and her name is teddy. and, of course, she wanted to be ella is a like every other girl. >> i bet that went well when she told thaw. >> please don't play the the song. there were four kids in her class that were he will contact too so there was a whole school of elsa. >> did you show her your elsa. >> i did send it to her. she was mortified.
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>> it was great. >> well, a lot of we got them why don't we throw them up there. >> she also wore elsa to school and then at night she and her mom, there she is. >> elsa. >> and her mom, at night went out as prairie woman. i don't know where they came out with that. >> is that a gun. >> it looks like she's holding a rifle in that first picture. >> yes. >> she made a pretty good ella is a. >> is she holding a rifle. >> that is what it looks like. >> i like the bonnet. >> her mom dressed up like a prepare would i man too. >> little house on the prairie, too. >> yes. >> so that was kind of fun to see, on friday night. friday night i went over to what is the name of that place, oh, come on, it is a little club over by the university of pennsylvania. >> world cafe. >> thank you, bob. >> he knows every location in the delaware valley. >> and it was a great performance by one group
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especially, good girl, we are good girls. >> do we have the song qued up. >> we don't have it yet, i thought we did. speaking of music, you went to powerhouse. >> i sure did. i had my first powerhouse on friday. it was crazy. look at the the stage. there was 20,000 people there. it was a great time. but when i went, when i was walking up to go to the wells fargo center. we had long security lines. >> this lady, she takes two fingers and goes right down my chest like in between, you know. >> yes. >> i said what are you doing. >> i was so shock. >> my friend car looks says did they do that to you to. >> yes. >> even when you go to the airport and security lines, i have never had them. usually they will use their back of the hand. but two fingers straight down the mid. >> between your breasts. >> between, yes. >> i said wow, wow. >> what are they looking for.
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>> people might put some type of of weapon there in between. if i were to put something down there it would put straight down. you don't need to test me. it was great. i just never seen that before. have have you ever been checked like that. >> no. >> i wouldn't mind. >> no. >> you don't have anything. >> if they went down in my pants i would. >> it was only woman on woman. >> yes, woman in one line, men in the other. i was so distract, i didn't see what they were doing to the guys. maybe they were getting a little action too. but chris brown was there. he just tore the stage up. >> yeah. >> yeah, he was great. >> i don't know if we have video. >> yes, do you see those dance moves. he was singing and dancing at the same time. usually they tone it down. with you no, not chris brown. >> it was good. >> who else was there. >> we had neo came outlooking like a zombie, we had dancers, ti, it was like a marathon
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thing. >> on saturday i spent my whole weekend at the wells fargo center. >> you went to the gamey went to the inningsers home opener. we talk about that new floor they have. >> the 3-d floor. >> it was cool. >> it was so funny, i thought would i miss it. i walk up to a random entrance. even the guys who sell hot dogs and popcorn they stopped what they were doing. they said we have to see this 3-d floor. have been was watching for this and it did live up to the hype. >> i heard the best waste, location to see it is in the upper deck. >> that is where i was in the upper deck and i saw it all. it more than the floor falling out. players coming from the ground. it was cool, very will cool. >> and then when i sat down, guess who was sitting behind me, mike. i have proof of this. mo'ne davis. >> wow. >> can you believe it. >> that is great. >> she was so sweet. i thought it was funny. you said you met her a few weeks ago but you have no proof. >> i have proof. i have a picture.
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>> because sharrie, over at channel six won't send me the picture. >> you don't have proof. >> i get the feeling it didn't take, you know what i mean or she would have sent it by now, i will continue to shame you, sharrie williams,. >> she was so sweet. they introduced him. home opener. we showed her a lot have love. we love mo'ne. so bob what did you do. >> well, friday after my getting induct in my first halloween party here. >> madnessy took my little guy out trick or treating. i think we have a picture. he wanted to be wood y. >> look at you. >> i found a very next expensive buzz light year outfit. >> you have the wings there. >> i got my wings, i got a t-shirt for a couple bucks. and a purple hat on. we went out trick or treating on friday night which was great. put him in the wagon. >> your sonnies austin,. >> three years old. we hit every third house.
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>> how much candy do you have. >> we have a ton of candy at home. i was able to grab some early in the morning because i got up early on saturday to come here for the early show for fox weekend show. i brought a little gift for the givers that were here on saturday. to we have tape on this or a picture of that. i stopped in northeast philadelphia. >> we stopped traffic. i double parked, okay, holmesberg bakery, in northeast philadelphia. >> i'm going in. >> going in, strawberry. >> look at the jelly coming out of there. >> yes. >> thank you, bob. >> get in there. >> you are so sweet. >> wait a minute, i am jealous, you didn't bring us any jelly doughnuts. >> holmesberg bakery. >> is that your go to. >> holmesberg bakery is the good one, jelly doughnut sugar and powdered jelly but louder doesn't work well, you get all that in front of you have
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shirt. >> yeah. >> jelly doughnuts. >> everybody else gos it. >> but us. >> i'm get nothing trouble. first monday, i have to start coming in with jelly doughnuts. >> give me the name of the group. >> good girls. good girl. >> there we go. >> ♪ >> so, i met them all. they're really good. >> they sound good. >> they are four main singers but they have a little dance troop with them too i thought they were lip sinking they're not. >> it sound just like the song. >> they are actually singing. >> they are all good singers.
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we have to have them on the show. >> wow. >> they are good. >> i love have that song. >> yes. >> good girl, i think you you can see more of their stuff on the web at. i lost it. at we are good girl. >> okay. >> we will have them come in. >> good girls on good day. >> they really good at world cafe live. we asked you is what your favorite sandwich because it is national sandwich day. okay. di, can you bring that stuff over here. >> yes. >> for years. >> come on in here. >> look at this. >> mike, you will go first here. >> well, i asked one of our people to get me a life of white bread, blown, catch up, and frit os. >> where is the ketchup. >> i need a bottle of ketchup.
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>> oh, geese. >> bologne, cheese and ketchup. >> yes. >> bologne sandwich, no, bologne and bread. >> i will take ate part. >> so you start with this. >> cooking with mike right now. >> hold it up there, go ahead. >> oh, stop. >> what a monday we have. >> you get a bottle of ketchup. >> it is a total violation, to put ketchup on bologne. >> yes. >> so you get the point. you get a big piece of white bread. round piece of bologne on it. you put the fritos right on there. >> wow. >> how did you come up with this mixture, like really. >> i made this as a kid.
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>> all over the computer and everything here. >> how does it taste. >> it is so salty it is ridiculous. >> kids will want me to make this for them tomorrow now. >> really. >> it doesn't sound like it mixes well. >> get your packets. >> we didn't pack napkins either. >> thank you, been. >> get this stuff out of here. >> so, i'll go next. mine, i love the food in general but first time it was here food truck called it the cheesey wagon has stolen my heart. the other day i forced mike to take sue and i, to the tv wagon in university city right by drexel. >> basically 33rd and market. >> yes, he was so upset. mike, we have to go. it is so good. it was a caprezi grilled cheese. >> grilled cheese truck. >> oh, man. >> and, pesto, mozerella,
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tomatoes. >> one had balsamic vinegar. >> they have 15 different grilled cheese sandwiches. >> and i will make grilled cheese at home because i'm not good at cooking but i can do that with tomato basil but this takes it to a whole other level. >> what was his number one seller case die a because he sees opposite the for tea instead of putting the cheese on there. >> did he park out front maybe one day. >> i think they have been here once. >> yes. >> we can get him to come back. >> yes. >> he is usually in university city machine through friday. >> okay, the gobbler. >> the the gobbler. >> my favorite time of the year you told me about this. >> turkey tuffing cranberry from wawa. >> yes, turkey dinner. >> i will pull it right out here. this morning i went into wawa. >> so it is turkey. and cranberry.
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it is dirty dinner on a shortie roll. >> yes. >> i had this this morning. my car smelled so delicious. i only got one. on my way in i'm coming around conshohocken curve i am thinking i should have gotten two. i could have eaten this on the way in. >> i think the key to it being so goodies cranberry sauce mixed with the dressing and stuffing. >> other thing i noticed last week when i got one is there not a button on the screen to get extra cranberry or stuffing. i asked the guy. he did for me, which is good. >> a couple bucks, five or six bucks. it is worth it though. >> we have to get to this because we have a special guest here fox's show gotham, lot of people are watching it. it returns tonight. >> detective james gordon will be forced to deal with the consequences of his decision to spare penguin's life. >> everybody knows you were
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with the program. >> gotham's day of reckoning. >> did he not kill him as he was told. >> we will start a war. >> he knows things. >> i will push right back. >> i know the start. >> where is gordon. >> he wouldn't come without a struggle. >> i will send victor. >> hey jim. >> jim. >> try something. >> that was a pivotal scene when he didn't kill penguin but made everybody think. ben mckenzie stars in the young detective gordon which tells the origin story on have batman. hey, welcome to philadelphia. >> hey, thanks for having me. >> just like last week they wear black shirts show so it looks like their heads are floating. >> yes, so you know what we found, we found a picture of you in your halloween costume. >> but what were you? you had everyone guess. >> what was i?
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isn't it clear i was commissioner gordon. >> some people said were you carter from the movie up, there is a lot have of talk about it. we're asking people to guess. >> i was responding sarcastically to somebody i said can you guess who i was. somebody suppose ted a screen cap from up. but i was joking. sarcasm and social media. that guy does than have a media. i had aid trench coat on. i had a bushy mustache. i'm playing detective gordon. of course i was commissioner gordon. >> this is national sandwich day what is your go to sandwich. >> mow go too sandwich guys, breaking news, pulled pork. >> yeah, baby. >> tony luke's. >> yes. >> so why do you owe owe. >> thank you very much. >> why is this gotham, i didn't think it was going to be this big of a hit, why do you think people are watching
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it. >> i think they are watching it for me, that is my guess. in, they are watching it because, they are watching it because these characters are i think the comics like batman in particular, they have been around for so long, 57 years. they have become so beloved. they are our mythology here in america. they have become american foulke lure and i think, people of three or four generations now have got tone know these characters not just batman but gor on, bullock, all of the villains like penguin, enigma and to see them in the earlier stage have of their lives, of all of these characters it peaks our interest. we know these characters but we don't know them when they were this young, so i think that is kind of the hook that gets people in and when we make it a fun show with action, romance, suspense,
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violence. >> people still know you from the oc. >> yes, they see that and southland set in o l.a. yeah, i get, stops on the streets with different references going on. >> yes. >> good to see you, ben, thanks for spending time with us. we will be watching tonight. >> thank you 8:00 o'clock. >> happy sandwich day. >> yes, happy sandwich day. >> go pull some pork. >> 9:18. did you see jimmy kimmel on friday night after our big halloween show here. >> yes. >> sue serio was on jimmy kimmel. >> look at this. >> i love when people do their regular shows they dress up on halloween especially local news team get dressed up and they have a serious story to tell you. this is from "good day
9:19 am
philadelphia" where local chief of police showed up wearing a sponge bob costume and, well, look at this. >> you do a segment on our fox 29 weekend show, chief chitwood, chief spongebob. >> yes. >> so what will you be talking about tomorrow on fox 29 weekend. >> talking about the incident in occurred in new york where loon particular hit 29 officers with the hatchet and police shot and killed them. >> now finally, someone find a way to make a hatchet attack festive. >> i was surprised when i talk about the the story you were going to cover. >> i thought maybe he wouldn't give the details but you know wearing the spongebob. it was surreal, it was a very surreal moment but there is a lot of things going on in that segment. >> that is true. >> he wore it to be friendly to be with kids and schools and classroom, so the kids wouldn't be afraid of him.
9:20 am
>> he is talking about trick or treating and stuff and things he should know. >> the man is nothing if not honest. >> a genuine guy. >> we love that guy. >> i will take you to a gourmet restaurant is what the last thing would you get at gourmet restaurant besides my gor may sandwich. i mean gore may food. >> yes. >> milk and cereals. >> that is what this dish is called, at one of the most fancy restaurants in our city. >> no. >> yes. >> milk and serial.
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in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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lactaid® is 100% real milk? right. real milk. but it won't cause me discomfort. exactly, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? [ female announcer ] lactaid. 100% real milk. no discomfort. ♪ >> well, it is a catching commercial and a popular breakfast dish but when you think of milk and cereal, you don't think of anything fancy. >> but, when mike was over at volmer last week he discovered
9:24 am
cold breakfast stapel can be transformed into a high class dish. >> as he said, you've got to try this. >> i'm back here at the kimmel center. i cannot get enough of this place. it is fairly new. beautiful restaurant right off the lobby of the kimmel center, vovver. >> yes, now this is chef natalie. she went to drexel university. she learned how to be a chef. she never left. >> never left. >> i was here with jose garses who owns the place. he mentioned a dish that he and you kind of invented. it is called milk and cereal or milk and cereal. >> milk and cereal. >> it isn't just going to take like cereal. >> it is saferry, sweet, nice start to the meal.
9:25 am
so, we have some butter. we've owe. >> is what a chicken oyster. >> succulent piece of meat right between the thigh and breast, and we will throw in some mushrooms, bacon, parsely, and then we will start with that in the bowl. finish witt our black crisp, marshmallows. we stick that all together with the white asparagus milk and a soft poached egg. >> so, i pour the milk. >> yes. >> does it take you back to the school days. >> yes. >> that is cool. >> i don't want to do it because i don't want to ruin it. >> do it, do it. >> milk and cereal. >> i cannot imagine what this will taste like. do i stir it up. >> would i recommend stirring it up, maybe breaking yoke in that leg and do it.
9:26 am
>> i don't know how you figure it out that would be that good, just experimentation. >> experimentation, playing around. >> i never tasted anything like it. fantastic. >> good to see you. >> kimmel center, basically, spruce at broad. >> spruce and broad. >> yes. you've got to try this. >> welshing do you have something unique and deliver thaws mike has just got to try in go to my fox ape click got day tab, scroll down you've got to try this section and e-mail us. so now we will get to jenny because she's with the mermaids, are they here yet. >> they are here, look behind me, live mermaids, we will watch them perform live coming up. from the camden aquarium.
9:30 am
. ♪ >> should be back saturday, my daughter jessica did this movie, we watched it three times in a row. >> oh, my gosh. >> good one. >> i was out of my behind. >> well, if you love the little mermaid, be part that far world and go under the sea >> mermaids are real? >> yes. >> yes, performing un water shows, while rare sharks, sea turtles, sting ration, swim around them. >> i know where we're going, adventure aquarium, camden, where jen is he, high, jen. >> i high mike, who knew, mermaids are real. we have two of them behind us
9:31 am
in this tank. i'm joined by kim, with the adventure aquarium, kim, tell us what's going on here? they're going to do 30 minute performance? >> multiple times a day doing these 30 minute appearances in our ocean exhibit. >> so we move out of the way so you can get better look at these mermaids. but how do they do this? how do they make this all happen? >> obviously takes a lot of practice, a loft training have tanks of compressed air at the to up of the exhibits, hoses reach down to where they are. when it is time to fill the lungs with air, take a pull from the hose. >> they look like such naturals. >> the athleticism, graceful necessary, all four mermaids, absolutely breath taking. >> so this exhibit now open to the public, until november 9th. and, people, they don't have to pay extra money, all part of the general admission fee,
9:32 am
and families can come here, and enjoy, then, they get to meet the mermaids after? >> absolutely correct. we'll have mermaids available, outside of ocean realm, so that if any guests want to ask questions, or more importantly, pose for that picture with the mermaids, they'll have that opportunity to do so. >> now, anyone who is watching right now, this is something you'll want to get your family to. this is the first time these mermaids have ever been to the northeast, is that right? >> that's absolutely correct. it is groundbreaking. it is a first time for the wiki watch i mermaids to be in the northeast region, first time for us to host the wiki watch i mermaids. >> just watching them, i mean, tell me, heff to get a little bittner justing in there with -- >> there is a shark? >> well, again, there was a lot of practice being in the exhibit but our animals are so comfortable with our divers, being in and out of the exhibit, so, it is just a regular day. >> come here, and four, five shows a day catch, also talk
9:33 am
about the ball, ball coming up? >> yes, mermaids and pirates ball, that's happening on thursday, november 6th. ticket available at adventure aquarium. com. and again, you can go to the website to purchase tickets, part of the proceeds are being donated to the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> we love a good fundraiser, so for families, children are invited, too, you and you want them to dress up? >> please, we would love to see as many kids come dressed up as mermaids, it has to be fun. >> got to get into character. thanks so much for joining us, so come out for those mermaids, now through november 9th. mike? >> wow, i'm impressed. >> that's so cool. >> so cool that they can hold their breath for that long, upside down. >> yes. >> with a shark behind them! >> arizona woman gave away more than canned toy trick-or-treaters. coming up the door, sometimes a long line, she said she accidentally handed out her wedding ring.
9:34 am
>> oh? >> on halloween! >> so her name is brooklyn yazi. back lynn yazi. so what happened? >> so she place dollars a ring in a candy jar, while helping her daughters carry of the pumpkins. she said she got little hectic from there. she jumped the jar with her ring inside of it into the candy bag, without thinking. she then emptied all of that candy into the bags of the trick-or-treaters, so now she's desperately searching for her ring, amongst all of the kids that came to the house. >> how can you track that down? >> hopefully they'll be people in the neighborhood. but may take an a while when you go through the big bag. >> but then you have to go back to every house you went to? >> now, if we have video of her in that town, she will be on the glues. >> right. >> you go oh, that i have woman's ring. >> what if the kid is like oh,
9:35 am
this is better than canned. >> i worth more than a reese's cup here. >> maybe they think it is like a ring pop? >> and sucking it? >> that would be terrible. >> swallow it, have to be to the hospital, x-rays, the story we're doing next week. halloween of course has come and gone. what are you going to do with all of that cansy? hopefully big piles at your house, just like we have piles of it here. we have one of the top chefs in the city. he's taking the can i. and made desserts. oh, ya. >> ♪
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there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress.
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welcome back. >> let's get it. >> get it. >> are we doing it right? >> get it. >> okay, so, what are you going to do with all of the candy around your house? >> it is hard. what about the left over bags every candy corn, twix, peanut butter cup? >> you can make dessert. >> certainly a mad scientist has come into our studio. i know him as chef thomas hick from davio off 17th street. good to see you, chef. >> good to see you. >> so, we thought, could you make real fancy pants desserts with left over candy? and you've done just that? >> yes, you can. >> all right, let's start with these. >> my favorites. >> this is reese's, mini rays' -- reese's cheese cake.
9:40 am
beauty you make your own cheese cake bat their you lover at home. put your gram cracker crust on the bottom. put piece of reese's peanut butter cup in the middle, cover it with the batter. >> look that the. >> bake it off. >> look at that. >> and then after they've cooled, you take some additional reese's chips, and chocolate chips, melt them down with a little bit of crisco, just to make it fluid, and then you drizzle it over top. add another piece of reese's on top. voila. >> look at that, voila. >> i have a ton of candy corn around. what do you do with all of this cannedy? >> with all of the candy corn, make some popcorn, all right? so right now we have carmelized popcorn, fold in marshmellows, little corn syrup, salt mixture, bring it to a boil, add in march be mellows that melts, now something really -- toss it in with your popcorn, that's just been recently popped.
9:41 am
everything is nice and warm. you add in some twix bars, candy corn, until everything becomes a haphazards mess, everything starts to melt together. >> sweet, salt. >> i you made this up? >> actually, i didn't. i have to say that i was in a position where i didn't know what we would do with it. >> right. >> i googled it. >> all right. >> and there is a lot of people out there with different rent piece, i looked at whatever was on line, i just said okay, let's throw all of these things together. >> let's see, we've got some twix here. little bars? >> that's not in the popcorn? twix in the popcorn? >> casino every melted now, you can't really see it. but it is there. >> so what are the bars? >> kit cat crunch bars. basically right crispy treat bottom. then you make some additional rice crispy treats, toss them with melted peanut butter,
9:42 am
chocolate, the next layer, break up your kit cat bars, lay them on top. >> put in the frig and -- >> so could you use twix or kit cats? >> use anything, anything. >> wow. >> you can do snickers bars. >> well, it is unlimited. >> so the other thing, too, if you -- after you get rid of all of your candy and you're like say oh, i still have stuff left over, think about saving some of the candy for when you do your gingerbread house. >> yes. >> true. you can stick it right on. >> hey how is the book selling? >> all about the guests. >> selling really well. >> davios, one of the best restaurants in our city. chef, that was fun. hey, jen, what's up? >> hey, here is the thing. you guys got to start your plan. no can you not count on santa to make all of the dreams come true, moms, dads, got to get presents, too. so joey, stop, mike, you will love this thing, tan creeps me out. but it is cool. >> ♪
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in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy.
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tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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>> ♪
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>> amazing. >> he's hitting the beats over there. >> yes, he is so fancy. okay. this is weird. have you seen this hashtag? alex from target. have you heard about this guy? alex works at target. >> so, this is alex, and it is trending in philadelphia right now, and around the country, it all started when this picture of the teenager named alex started making the rounds on the internet. it is not clear who posted the original picture, but even videos posted by teen girls asking alex out on a date. >> wow. >> now, alex's official twitter page has over 290,000 followers, although, he doesn't say where he lives, so really not sure where the picture was taken.
9:47 am
so if you hear someone talking about alex from targeted to, you now know what it is all about, not from target. >> not me. a boy aling. >> what if you married alex and then when people come in your house and you go al next. >> and go huh? what? >> could you ever march a al next. >> ya, why not? what's wrong with a al next. >> i love you alex. >> i love you alex. >> it would get funny, then we name our alex, alex the second. >> alex's all over the place. >> boy or girl. >> alex dinnertime. and everybody comes running down the steps. >> good one. >> does it bother you ever that it is a boy's name? >> , no but a loft times when someone is oh, i'm going out with my friend alex they always think i am a guy. >> no. >> and they're like disappointed. what, you? >> i doubt anyone is disappointed when you show up. hey, when it comes together putting together your holiday toy list, you got to have at least little bit of strategy here. >> so back with jen, with all of the toy insider tips that we all need to know.
9:48 am
>> yes, well, in center city, joey date add boy joey. >> i did. >> but it is cool. >> give us some tips. we talked about this at 7:00. but it bears repeating. a lot of people think toys go on sale "black friday". you say get them now. if your kid has one toy, always had like the hero gift that santa bridges, santa, is a very busy man. >> yes. >> moms get it, help them out little bitment so the hero gift. then once you get that, you can always return it. >> so what you're saying if your kid wants one thing, it is like a hundred dollar thing, and you're worried about whether or not it will go on sale, the toy books are already out, things already on sale. buy it now, just as a back up? >> yes. you see the hot toy list everywhere? what you do is you buy what's on the list, then you don't have to worry about it. plus some of them will actually go on sale later. once they go on sale later aren't always the best toys. hottest toys in the toy industry go on sale in the beginning and shell out. >> they trick us getting into the stores. >> yep. >> other thing you have, if you say you should have a
9:49 am
plan, shouldn't jut be like winging it? >> no, never wing t nothing ever good with that. >> so the trends this year is what's old is new. mike jerrick, i've never seen this thing. but joe is he from the midwest. and she says a lot of people, what is that thing? >> this is problem puppy surprisement like retro, robots, puppy surprise. how many puppies does she have. >> and you have to guess? >> you guess. >> how many? >> and each has -- >> different number of puppies. >> how many do we get out of smear. >> four, little boy in there, wee. >> i never had this. that's puppy surprise. that's an old thing. then you also say it is all about the robot sticks. >> robotics. one of my favorite of the robotics, skins, research that the kids are doing. >> science, technology, engineering, math? >> yes, the four things i wasn't good at. but they have a bug you put this together. only takes 30 minutes. that's what they tell me. i wasn't able to tell you. >> robot.
9:50 am
>> really cool. >> then i like this thing. what's this? >> this is mif. cool robot that's out. very great personality. >> my house, i like him, i always ask my kids to go get me something to drink. so let's get him to face up. >> all right, come bad here, nip. >> oh, good. all right. now, bring me my drink. >> nip, bring mommy her involved k bring me the drink. >> wow. >> you know, zoomer has different personality, obviously because zoom satisfy dog, and do you have train a dog, but this rue booth does the good things that gets what you want. so wow. again this information will be on mike, bob, alex, so we're clear, every little girl that walks in here, come on, one more time. ready?
9:51 am
>> common. >> oh! >> she's been singing it. >> yes, i have been singing it. >> scary moment for this mama june woman. >> yes. >> and sugar bear, the drama continues for them, i'll tell you what happened to sugar bear over the weaken. they had to call an ambulance. >> ♪
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> the name that far sandwich, the instant heart attack.
9:55 am
>> a krispy kreme donut on top of that. >> man. >> loving these tweets, you guys are sending us, for national sandwich day. >> yes, reality show star sugar bear from here comes honey boo-boo, reportedly doing better. he had a health scare. >> an ambulance had to be called out after he passed out, the incident happened at the home of his ex mama june, according to "tmz", the site reports he regained consciousness before the ambulance arrived, emt's ran few tests, sources tell "tmz" he has high blood pressure. have been in the headlines after the family's may tree arc began dating convicted child molester. >> apparently the guy has molested one of her kids. >> yes, the guy she had been going out with. >> so tlc? >> yes. >> throw them off the air. good. apparently there is a cure for loving taylor swift. check out this sketch from saturday night live featuring new medicine for those affected by vertigo, when they
9:56 am
hear her voice. >> high, i'm neurologist doctor david doctor. one month, realizing you love taylor swift, it becomes the leading cause of vertigo in adults. that's why now, there is swiftamines, fast acting tablets, just like taylor herself. >> i took my daughters taylor swift concert. did i not want to go. dow not get it. but as soon as the concert started i was on the ground. my daughters said i was slurring my words. and that those words were something. >> i never got into taylor swift because in interviews she us a always like i'm taylor swift. like no. then the other day i found myself shake it off, i got so dizzy i felt into traffic. thanks a lot, taylor. kidding. you're amazing. >> pretty good. by the way taylor swift is coming to lincoln financial field on june 13th. >> just announced this
9:57 am
morning. >> yes, that will be a big ticket. >> of course. >> hey, speaking of lincoln financial field, congratulations to those temple owls. they beat a ranked team. i think they were ranked 23rd. >> beat carolina. >> yes, beat the pirates. >> you know what they're saying now? because they came on the show here, we're their good luck charm. >> you're right. the bands? >> oh, wow. >> want to come back now before every game. they think we're the good luck charm. >> see you friday, because they have friday night game. >> okay. >> but that team, though pirates, east carolina, fourth ranked offense in the country. >> oh, wow. >> and we shut them down. >> shot them down. >> you know what the final score was? when i was watching they only had three points. >> you know what, a win is a win. >> because the eagles won, know we have to dress up as elsa every friday. >> oh, no, no. >> no? okay. for everybody, good luck's
9:58 am
charles. >> no thank you. charles. >> no thank you. >> we don't want to be
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today, amanda byn es. she is out of treatment. and kendra and hank's latest reality opportunity. and perez hilton is here with the scoop. and plus, the big dough-vember. now, here is wendy! [ cheers and applause ]